Family Support Line

Did you know there is a free call-in service for NH parents and families provided by Waypoint?  

  • Looking for advice or specific child development information? 
  • Or just a trusted, nonjudgmental ear?
  • Searching for a specific resource for your child?

Reach out to Waypoint’s Family Support Line.  

Call to connect to professionals who can help with everything from coping strategies, child behaviors, family dynamics, household management and emotional distress … to gaining access to tools, resources, and services that can help navigate life during challenging times.

Thank you to Waypoint for offering this key family support service.

Connecting with Other Parents

There are a number of additional offerings from Waypoint Family Resource Center in Nashua, serving Milford families, including:

  • Circle of Parents Support Group on Fridays, 5:30 – 7:00 pm; call Alicia 603-722-3682 for the Zoom link; or  email Alicia

Kinship Navigator Program

Are you a grandparent now caring for your young grandchild(ren)? Or a relative helping support young family members?
Waypoint Family Resource Center of Greater Nashua offers a “Kinship Navigation Program” for Milford/Nashua area families.
Connect with a “Kinship Navigator” today to help you find the community resources or services you’re looking for, as well as caregiver support and education opportunities. The services are free.

Contact Alicia Angove to participate:; 603-722-3682


Kinship Navigator Brochure

You can also visit the Kinship Navigator NH website for more information:

Stay tuned for Parenting Cafes… 

The Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley’s CAST Coalition and the Waypoint Family Resource Center will be partnering to host a series of Parenting Cafes for Milford and Souhegan Valley area parents and caregivers.  

Parenting Cafes will provide parents with an opportunity to connect with each other and support each other.  Once in person events can be launched again, local Parenting Cafes will be hosted live, providing refreshments and child care. Stay tuned for more information, or email us to receive more details.

Welcome Baby!

Milford Thrives continues to welcome newborns to our community with our complimentary Welcome Baby gifts. We’re so happy to celebrate with you and welcome your little one to the community!

Milford families with newborns will now receive complimentary Welcome Baby gifts when you pick up your baby’s birth certificates at Town Hall.  If you haven’t received your gift, please REQUEST yours today!  We’re happy to deliver yours curbside.

Community Baby Shower

You are invited! To a Community Baby Shower for Greater Nashua area families, including new and expectant Milford parents/families.

There’s so much to learn as a new parent and our community wants to help your family get off to a great start. Please join us for a day of learning and fun. Enjoy activities on parenting, child development, safety, health and family life and earn tickets to win prizes. If you are expecting or have a child under 12 months, this shower will benefit you. Both parents and siblings are welcome to attend.
Please register ASAP. Space is limited and only families that are pre-registered will be able to participate. There are limited spots so register today:

 #parenting #familyresources 

YOU have what it takes!!

At Milford Thrives, it is part of our mission to help create a nurturing, supportive community where parents feel supported and young children are provided with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

This inspiring video by Vroom illustrates the power of parents and caregivers. Milford Thrives is happy to serve as a resource for Milford parents and caregivers of young children. Reach out anytime with your questions, or if we can help you find a specific resource.

The VROOM app shown in this video is available for free and can be downloaded to your phone, or you can sign up to receive daily tips via text. For more information, visit


  • What is “serve and return” and how does “serve and return” build a baby’s brain?  Watch this video from the Center for the Developing Child. 
  • How can parents engage in serve and return ‘brain building’ for babies and young children?  Watch this video. 

For daily updates on parenting resources and child development information, along with Milford Community happenings, like and follow Milford Thrives on Facebook and stay tuned for our updated website with Community Calendar coming soon…. 


Young children learn through imitation. They love to watch you and try to imitate what you are doing. Infants learn social norms and how things work by watching you and their older siblings. Toddlers aim to do what you do, and strive to do what their older siblings do. This is their play. Through encouragement and trial and error, this is how they learn. 

Think of ways in your everyday rhythm and routine that you can support your young child’s independent play through imitation. Do you have emails to catch up on or some writing to do? Give your toddler their own “computer” so they can type along with you. It can be a box or toy — it does not have to be an electronic device.  

Need to make a phone call? Let your young child know that you have to speak quietly for a while on the phone…give them a “phone” and have them call their favorite person or character. 
Are their older siblings at home doing remote learning? Engage the younger ones in “virtual” school. They love to have school work, too.  Good old crayons and paper, along with board books, can keep them busy for a few minutes. Have them teach their favorite stuffed animal or doll. One of my favorite videos of my daughter (when she was three) is her “puppet show” to her beanie babies.

Looking for other parenting resources? Don’t hesitate to contact Milford Thrives Community Connector.  We’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for!