Milford Thrives envisions Milford to be a place where all community members — children, youth, families and seniors — are healthy and feel connected.

In Milford, we are fortunate to have a robust community committed to supporting the well-being of our children, families and community members. There is a wide range of resources, supports and services available for Milford residents. Milford Thrives is here to be a resource and community connector to help residents connect with each other and the community resources available.

Looking for a specific resource? We’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Welcome Baby

Have you recently move into Milford with your family and baby/young children?  Milford Thrives Welcome Baby program was created to connect and welcome every newborn to the Milford community and to serve as a resource and community connector for parents, caregivers and families. 

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The Milford Kids Thrive Early Childhood Collaborative

The Milford Kids Thrive Early Childhood Collaborative launched in September 2020.

As a cross-sector coalition, we are committed to working together to ensure Milford is a place where families thrive and all young children grow up in a nurturing, supportive community and reach their fullest potential. Collaborative members include representatives from the Milford school district, child and family-serving agencies, early childhood caregivers, healthcare providers, parents and other stakeholders.  For more information, visit

Collaborative partners offer a wide range of resources and supports for families with young children. We’re committed to working together to create a Milford Community where every child thrives!

Community Events

Milford Thrives collaborates with community partners on a variety of community events. Whether hosting or co-hosting community gatherings, educational events, connecting folks to local resources or bringing our service providers from Greater Nashua to Milford, Milford Thrives aims to connect children, youth, families and seniors with the local resources, supports and services they’re looking for.

Interested in hosting an upcoming Thrives event?  Or, do you have an idea for a community event?  Contact us.

Above, Milford Thrives was happy to join Jacques Memorial Elementary School for their Distribution Day.