Milford Thrives Early Childhood Collaborative Member Profile

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Will Morrow, Juvenile Officer

Milford Police Department

Juvenile Officer of the Milford Police Department:

  • Primary investigator for child sexual/physical abuse; DCYF investigations
  • Family/child liaison/bridging children and their families to supportive services
  • School liaison

How do you currently support Milford families?

In response to police incidents/cases** involving households of families with children/youth (witness or impacted), MPD Officer Morrow follows up with families to bridge them and their children/youth to supportive services as needed.  Will assists families with referrals and bridges them to service providers directly (medical; mental health; counselling; etc). 

(**Cases are reported to Officer Morrow via Patrol Division or through Law Enforcement Notification letter via DCYF)

Where are there lack of supports/services?

Services for young children.  Great to learn about Child Parent Psychotherapy and services for younger children at GNMH.

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