Milford Thrives Early Childhood Collaborative Member Profile

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Valerie Robinson, Infant MH Liaison; Outpatient Therapist

* ask for “Intake”

If an interpreter is needed, call:


Mobile Crisis Response (24/7/365)


Greater Nashua Mental Health 

Main Services
Behavioral/mental Health diagnosis/treatment;Play therapy; caregiver support; case management

Child Parent Psychotherapy:

Child Parent Psychotherapy brochure for parents

Overview of child & family mental health services

Greater Nashua Mental Health brochure

Greater Nashua Mental Health offers:

  • Toddler/Young Child and Family Mental Health programs, including:
    • Child Parent Psychotherapy for children that have experienced trauma for children ages Birth-6
    • Diagnosis and treatment of children ages 3-18
    • Play therapy
    • Caregiver support
    • Case management, Functional Support Services for families and children to provide community support.

All services (other than case management and FSS) are currently offered in our Nashua office at 15 Prospect Street or via telehealth.

Please note where each service can be provided along with when/your hours:

Open Access/Walk-in Hours: 440 Amherst Street, Nashua

Monday through Thursday 8-11:30 am. If a family arrives within those hours they will receive an intake and evaluation that day (there may be a wait).

Families can also call us to make an appointment:  603/889-6147 and ask for “Intake” 

GNMH now has a Mobile Crisis Response Team program that is available to anyone experiencing a behavioral health crisis (includes mental health and substance use disorder). A Master’s level therapist will answer the phone and if necessary, a team of at least 2 professionals will be deployed to wherever the person is located, within an hour.    The number is 1-800-762-8191.  For those needing an interpreter, they can call our interpreter emergency line at 1-844-245-4545.

Once eligibility has been determined the family will work directly with their assigned therapist to schedule appointments moving forward.

Please include eligibility requirements by service, along with any restrictions.

No set criteria is necessary to receive an evaluation. Families with concerns for their child’s mental health, wellbeing or behavior can have their child assessed for service needs through our central intake department located at 400 Amherst Street Nashua, NH. during open assessment hours listed above or call for an appointment.


What are your hope(s) for our work together as an Early Childhood Collaborative; Why are you a member?

“My hope for the Early Childhood Collaborative would be to connect families to mental health supports and services at the earliest possible moment of need. I would love for Milford families to learn more about our services and to remove the stigma of seeking mental health support.”

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