Milford Thrives Early Childhood Collaborative Member Profile

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Sara Amato-Larabee


Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center

Main Service
Early Learning Center

Parent Member & Early Learning Center

  • Parent of three children 
  • Preschool Teacher for 3 to 4 year olds at Early Learning Center of Milford (provides learning programs for children 15 months to age 5, summer camp and extended day programs) –
  • Arts-Integration Specialist: focus on creating a seamless inclusion of the Arts (dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts) into the classroom curriculum –
  • Youth Sports Organization: Milford Community Athletics Association offers sports programs for basketball, soccer, baseball and softball for children age 5-12. Soccer programs start at 2 years old –

Does Early Learning Center participate in/offer the state’s Childcare Scholarship program?


How would you prefer Collaborative partners/community members refer/bridge families and young children to your services?

Warm connections, email or our website

Are there specific website address(es)/Facebook pages where families could find for more information on your services?


What are your hope(s) for our work together as an Early Childhood Collaborative; Why are you a member?

” I have seen first hand what community involvement can do for the education of the young child. In Reggio Emilia, Italy the parents, farmers, business owners and community all have a vested interest in their preschool programs.

The Milford Community has some amazing programs, services and community members available to the community. My hope for this organization is to help bridge the gap between the “I never knew these programs existed” and “we can’t seem to reach the people who need us”.

I would also like to see if the need of the Milford Community will help to bring some of the amazing programs that are available in the surrounding neighborhoods and bring them closer to home.

A warm connection is so important for community members that are looking for help. But a warm connection could be made to anyone, a friend, teacher, family member etc. It is important to make sure that the information that we have is easily accessible to the community so that all members of our community feel empowered to support our youngest learners. “


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