Milford Thrives Early Childhood Collaborative Member Profile

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Samuel Burgess, Director, Early Supports and Services



Main Service
Developmental Screening & Early Supports & Service (Early Intervention)

Gateways Community Services offers:

Family-Centered Early Supports and Services (Birth to 3 years) = Therapeutic services for children 0-3 with developmental delays or established conditions that may result in developmental delay. 

  • Developmental screening
  • Early supports and services (Early Intervention). We work with families within the child’s home and routine to improve developmental outcomes

Gateways also has family support services and some respite services available.

How do Milford families currently access your EC services/resources? 

Milford families currently access Gateways Early Supports and Services by being referred.  While we take a majority of our referrals from childcare centers and pediatrician’s offices, anyone can refer a child for Early Supports and Services.  Therapeutic services are currently being provided by telehealth with some limited exceptions related to poor progress, and so families access our therapeutic services through video conferencing tools like Zoom. 

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