Milford Thrives Early Childhood Collaborative Member Profile

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Liz Fitzgerald, Director Community Impact


United Way/GN Smart Start Coalition

United Way of Greater Nashua & GN Smart Start Coalition:

  • Convenes Regional Early Childhood Coalition for Parents of Children B – 8 , educators, service providers and agency representatives servings families with children Birth – age 8; Milford Thrives is a member
  • Annual GN Community Baby Shower opportunities to participate as guests, volunteers, sponsors, and presenters/educators.
  • Vroom Resource Materials; Choose Love Resource Materials
  • Tech Pantry & School Supplies for Early Childhood Educators and Childcare Providers
  • LearnUnited Free Tutoring Program Grade K – 11
  • Opportunities to Give, Advocate and Volunteers in support of our community

Please include eligibility requirements by service, along with any restrictions.

Any person living or working in greater Nashua region interested in working together to make sure every person has access to the building blocks of a good quality of life.

What is the best way for Collaborative partners/community members to refer/bridge families and young children to your services?

Email Joslyn at for Smart Start Coalition and for more general United Way questions.

Are there specific website address(es)/Facebook pages where families could find for more information on your services?

Let’s get social!  FACEBOOK   TWITTER   YOUTUBE

Online at:

What are your hope(s) for our work together as an Early Childhood Collaborative; Why are you a member?

We recognize the Milford Early Childhood Collaborative as a sister and partner in our Region.  We would love to build stronger connections to people in Milford to help get the word out about programs and services available to them including opportunities to volunteer and advocate with other like-minded community builders.

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