Milford Thrives Early Childhood Collaborative Member Profile

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Joslyn Kuchinski, Coalition Coordinator

Greater Nashua Smart Start  Coalition/United Way

Private Parent FB page:

Greater Nashua Smart Start Coalition

  • The Greater Nashua Smart Start Coalition Meets 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 9 AM (via Zoom). This is an Early Childhood Coalition similar to Milford Thrives EC Collaborative but for the Nashua Area. 
  • The Greater Nashua Smart Start Parent Network meets monthly on the first Friday of the Month at 11 AM via Zoom. This network also offers services like Free Fun Family Events and other EC programs. 
  • United Way/Smart Start’s Annual Community Baby Shower

Please include eligibility requirements by service, along with any restrictions.

Any person living or working in greater Nashua region interested in early childhood and family success are welcome to share their passion and voice with other like-minded community members.

Are there specific website address(es)/Facebook pages where families could find for more information on your services? partnerships/smart-start-coalition-for-early-childhood-success/

The Milford Thrives Facebook page will also include Greater Nashua parenting events open for Milford families.


What are your hope(s) for our work together as an Early Childhood Collaborative; Why are you a member?

” We recognize the Milford Early Childhood Collaborative as a sister organization and partner in our Region.  We work in partnership with the Milford region to identify how families in our broad public health region of Greater Nashua wish to connect with early childhood efforts and create opportunities for voices of local parents can be heard in towns, neighborhoods and by special interests. 

We look forward to working with Milford Thrives to identify where there is overlap and where there are gaps and unique needs community by community so we can best serve the unique needs of all families in our Greater Nashua Public Health Region and amplify the voices of parents at the local level. “

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