Milford Thrives Early Childhood Collaborative Member Profile

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Jessica Renda, Peer/Family Support




NAMI NH (National Alliance for Mental Health)

Main Service
Behavioral/mental health Parent Support group

NAMI NH  National Alliance for Mental Illness

Education and support for children ages 6 – 26 and their parents/families

How do Milford families currently access your services/resources?

Through the community, schools, DCYF, PD, other families. Anyone can make a referral.

Please note where each service can be provided along with hours:

We are currently doing telehealth due to covid, hours are generally 9-5, I do have some flexibility to meet the needs of the family.

Please include eligibility requirements by service, along with any restrictions.

Youth (6 to 26) needs to have a Mental Health Diagnosis and Medicaid, I provide services in the greater Nashua Area.  I can help with Medicaid enrollment if they need assistance.

Are there specific website address(es)/Facebook pages where families could find for more information on your services?

Not my service directly however is a wealth of information

NAMI NH has a Facebook support group for parents: Caregivers of children & adolescents with social/emotional challenges.

NAMI NH also has a support page for youth Life Under Construction

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